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Professional Climbing Guides Institute


PCGI Rock Climbing Guide and Rock Climbing Instructor Certification standards are nationally recognized. PCGI Rock Climbing Guide Certification standards have been adopted as requirements for commercial rock climbing guides and/or rock climbing instructors operating within many public lands such as: New River Gorge National River, Joshua Tree National Park, Devils Tower National Monument, The Gunks and many others!

For more detailed information on PCGI programs, please visit the PCGI national web site:

New River Climbing School Independently Provides the Following approved PCGI  Courses & Assessments via PCGI licensed mentors & assessors:

If none of the posted dates below fit your schedule and you have a minimum of 2 people, custom dates and/or locations for all courses and/or assessments can often be arranged, please contact us!

Continuing Education Credits for PCGI Certified Top Rope and Single - Pitch Guides:

Completing any of the courses listed above can be used for continuing education requirements/credits (Certified guides can do entire course for posted course fee above, or sit in a course for 2 days for a $250.00 fee) or you can partake in the following: 

2 Day/16 hour Continuing Education Credit Class for PCGI Certified Top Rope and/or Single - Pitch Guides

Cost: $250.00 - dates arranged upon request


All programs except continuing education credits include a mandatory 1-2 hour preliminary meeting to be held the morning of the start date of every program. 


Please Contact Us for questions, scheduling and payments. Thank you!

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